Friday, July 31, 2009

still not working!

Apparently is actually having problems. Today all my followers are missing. The photos on all my posts are coming and going away. I reported the problem and this is happening to other blogs as well. It seems to be a problem they are fixing, but it may be a motivator for me to try to get another blog hosting site!
In the mean time, I am busy trying to keep M. busy. Because we live in such a remote place I either have to organize a play date or go to town. Staying at home, us, alone is not so much fun. She gets bored in 5 seconds and then wants me to play with her all day. I think that is one of the only downfall of having one child. But, kindergarten is starting so I also know these are days to be cherished; the few of them we have left before full-time school changes everything.
If anyone has suggestion of easy to navigate blog hosting sites tell me. But, I have heard that it may be hard to post comments with the issues blogger is having, so I will post my email address if that seems to be happening.

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