Friday, July 31, 2009

Techy husband to the Rescue!

All I had to do was mention to my husband about the technical difficulties I have been having. He solved it right away. Damn him! But thanks sweetie. Not that he reads my blog. He mostly does not. He is too busy doing things like excel spreadsheets and business plans and making the world a better place through green technology. Lots of stress and long hours. But, as I told him tonight at dinner, at least he has his own personal chef. (ah...that is me if you want to know)
And, because we are soooo far out in the country and do not have the thing I really really want badly called DSL, we have internet satellite. And, my lovely husband exceeded our bandwidth today doing business stuff, so we are penalized by the internet satellite people and have to suffer with a slow connection (think modem slow) for 24 hours. This means no uploading photos onto my blog.
Now me and my sore throat are going to do some damage on pay per view. Something with superheroes. Happy friday night!

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