Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are baaacckkk....

We are back. I loved coming to SF. It was 60 and foggy. Last night we went to sleep around 9pm (after being up 24 hours) and slept through the night. M was up at 4:30am but compared to what jet lag was like going to France, last night was a relief.
I actually got butterflies in my stomach thinking about cooking in my kitchen again while on the plane yesterday. That is so pathetic. I mean we were only gone for a week! But I cannot remember the last time I did not cook anything for a week. Oh wait, I do; on my honeymoon 6 years ago.
So, I am going to go to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market on our way out of town for some inspiration. And I am going to stop and pick up some Sancerre Rose somewhere. And I am going to cook some white beans. French style. I will tell you all about it as soon as it is cooked. And invite my girl posse over for dinner. I am missing my ladies.
Thank you everyone for reading the blog while we were in Paris. Reading your comments is like having a conversation with you. All the support you have given me since the inception of Seaweed Snacks is the reason why I keep blogging. I love you all!


Anonymous said...

you have been missed! when is ladies night?
love, n

Gigi said...

It is so exciting to hear you so inspired! Move over, Julia ... here comes J!!!


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