Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When Walkie Talkies Happen

I have tried to get M and her friends to use walkie talkies for over a year now. I explain patiently how to talk to each other by pressing the button, and how to hear what the other person is saying by not having your finger on the button. Over and over and over again. I have given directions in different ways; asking them to repeat the directions, pushing the buttons for them, testing it out by putting one child in another room and having them try it out. Nothing helps. It is like this weird technology they cannot seem to grasp. At first I thought they were just too young to understand the whole pressing the button and not pressing the button thing. But now that they are over 5 years old, I am wondering what the problem is. I clearly remember my sister and I using walkie talkies when we were 4. I could be remembering wrong, so I will ask her next time we talk.
Today was no exception to my problem. These two just did not get it. The end result was them yelling at each other down the hallway somehow trying to blame the other for the breakdown in the walkie talkie world. Because they really wanted it to work. They were so excited.
It could be me. I am going to keep trying. I will report back when the walkie talkie revolution begins.

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