Thursday, August 6, 2009

Art Camp Week

It has been art camp all week. Our local cultural center has had an art/dance/music camp for the last couple of years, and this year M. is old enough to attend. I was a bit worried she would have some separation anxiety from the amount of kids attending, but on the second day during our drive home she said "mama, I really like this school you are sending me to".
And although most of the organizers are my friends and I might be bias, it is truly fabulous. Professional dancers and artists are guiding 49 kids through a week of lovely activities. Tomorrow is the potluck and I am thinking I may try to the pound cake from Smitten Kitchen. It looks dangerously good.

In 1 1/2 weeks is the first day of kindergarten. A.k.a the big change on the horizon. I have no idea how it will be driving 45 minutes each way to school, but I am so thrilled about the school itself, I am putting aside my apprehension. Unfortunately, it makes me want to have an apartment in town to sleep at one night a week to make things easier and the drive shorter.

I have no good food to report this week. Well, at least nothing I thought worthy of a post. This week I have made:
Cucumber salad with lime juice and mint.
Penne pasta tossed with a sour cream and smoked paprika sauce
Plum chutney with carmelized onions and figs (ate it over grilled chicken)
Goat chevere with sea salt, olive oil, fresh herbs
Raspberry and loganberry pie
Cranberry bean soup with bacon and tomatoes
Everything was good, but not crazy good. Thats why no post or photos. It is fun to write it down and share it with you. Now you have a good idea about what was cooking on my stove this week.

Just now I had to chase away a young deer that has been terrorizing all the herbs I am trying to grow on my front porch. Don't touch my tarragon or I am going to start have a serious problem with you and will stop putting water out for you. Don't tell my husband...he might have issues with me assisting the wildlife.

One more thing...have you read Michael Pollan? I just read his article in the NY Times this past Sunday. He also authored the books Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense Of Food. He is a hero of the Slow Food Movement, and quite a revolutionary. I like him because everything he says makes sense, he is a very good writer, and he represents everything I feel about food and culture but am not gifted enough to express like he does. Which brings me to the last thought; If I did not have to drive 3 miles down my dirt road to my mailbox, I would get the NY Times Sunday edition. Unless someone wants to drive it to me. I will make you breakfast if you did. Maybe cinnamon rolls or coffee cake. Any takers?

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