Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beet Greens Lasagana with Bechamel Sauce

I sneaked this photo. It was a playdate day. These two are such good friends. I love how they sat together trying to shoot sunflower seeds out of the straw. Until I found out and told them to stop because it was a choking hazard...

I think they would have rolled out pasta all day if I had not wrestled it from them

I cooked the noodles they each rolled out for an afternoon snack

I was so proud! The cooked noodles ready to go

half way assembled

Fresh out of the oven

Seriously good. I would have had each of you over tonight for dinner had I know it was going to turn out. Really. I had never made this before, so the outcome was questionable. But, it was a keeper. I usually don't follow recipes either, but today I mostly did. David Tanis formerly of Chez Panis wrote a cookbook called A Platter of Figs and this was from that book. I worked on it a good part of the day because making lasagna dough from scratch takes some time. I used beet greens from our farm share in the noodles, and sauteed red chard inside the lasagna. It also was filled with ricotta cheese, parmesean and bechamel sauce. It was very easy, just more steps than dinner usually is. I used King Arthur Organic White Whole Wheat Flour. Sometimes that choice questionable (like when I used it in pound cake last week), but it worked fine in the dough today. When D. got home I put him to work right away. I am really looking forward to leftovers tomorrow. The greens really kept it light and it was not too heavy even for a summer dinner.
The recipe is soooo long I decided not to reprint it. Unless you tell me otherwise!


heather said...

I cannot imagine putting that much effort into it all. I am sure that it was amazing and would have loved to eat it...just making it might put me over the edge. :)

Anonymous said... are the BEST mother! how wonderful is THAT experience!!! no need to send the recipe ... but i will help you repeat it some day soon! lovin' ... g.


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