Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boysenberry Sangria and Friends

Last night was dinner for 15 of us. A family oriented affair complete with two cute little girls belonging to the under 2 crowd. My favorite kind. I made a massive amount of pulled pork and we ate sandwiches on white Sara Lee buns. Only white will do the job of soaking up the bbq juice properly. Of course I added smoked paprika to the bbq sauce and it added such a nice smokey flavor it made me excited for my next Ferry building trip to get more.
M. held her own with the 3 boys that were here. I kept seeing her with different shoes on as she raced around the yard and house, which is always a mystery to me. There was a big splinter in little B's foot he let me carefully poke and prod out with a needle. I am always impressed with his pain threshold. At the end of the night he tripped on someone's knee while running, and hit his face on the floor. A bloody nose ensued, and I only heard a small whine from him!
It was all over by 10pm, and like always, I feel incredibly lucky for friends (who are more like family) like the ones we have.
Today I am venturing out solo to see Julia & Julie. Somehow I am fitting frozen yogurt into that scenario as well. M. is going to get some solo daddy time and I am thinking about how next week is our last full pre-k week left. The county fair starts, which will spice things up, totally annoy me and make me complain about how expensive low quality fun costs.
I made boysenberry sangria last night, (the same ones that are in my blog banner photo) and I was happy how it turned out. My boysenberries were picked at our local CSA farm just about a month ago.

Boysenberry Sangria

1/2 cup torn mint leaves
1 tsp. orange blossom water
4 cups frozen boysenberries
2 bottles sparkling water (750ml. size)
2 cups watermelon
1 lime thinly sliced
1 lemon thinly slices
1/2 cup sugar (or less, so taste it)
2 bottles of wine (I used a sauvignon blanc and viognier)
2 cups of ice


mom2two said...

ok.. where in the world do you get orange blossom water from?? and boysenberries for that matter?

Jessica said...

orange blossom water is at many grocery stores and liquor the liquor section near the cream of coconut, bitters and grenadine stuff. Boysenberries were growing at our local csa farm and they called and invited me to pick! they are all gone now, died in sangria heaven....

Anonymous said...

What a great party!
Say, i wonder if M.'s toots in the doctor's office had anything to do with her overwhelming love and appetite for her mama's delicious pulled pork.
What a yummy meal- the best pulled pork I'v ever had!

Jessica said...

I agree! We theorized too that yes, pulled pork in a five year old can be a gassy situation. Really glad you liked it :)


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