Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fair

These were taken last friday night. Good old fashioned fun going to the fair. I absolutely love the top photo. It is slightly out of focus, but says so much!

Think we are heading back home to our smoke filled town. The fire that started on friday is now 3500 acres and only 25% contained. Only about 8 miles from our house, this is a serious problem. This means terrible air quality for us. With no air conditioning and no open windows at night to let cool air in, I am dreaming about a portable swamp cooler that our off-grid house could support.

I will try to take photos and upload them tonight!


Anonymous said...

what beautiful pictures of your families. it looks like mae had a great time at the fair. of course she is one of those kids that holds her arms in the air on the dragon ride!

Anonymous said...

MAN-OH-MAN! What great pix of you and of R/M/E/B, too! How short D's hair looks to be! It looks great! Impressive businessman! G


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