Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gelsemium...and the Flu

In anticipation of the school year starting, I have begun to think about the "must have" remedies for my family and the season of the virus. I read that 4 cases of swine flu have been reported in my county just this week. And, without buying into the hysteria, I just want to be calmly prepared. So, in honor of being prepared (my capricorn self) the one remedy I will have to treat the flu if it pays a visit to our house is Gelsemium. Think of it as the homeopathic version of Motrin. This remedy was the most prescribed homeopathic remedy during the 1917-1918 flu epidemic.
The primary symptoms you may have that indicate Gelsemium:
Stiff neck and body
Muscle soreness
Worse from movement
Weak and dizzy
Feeling heavy in body and extreme weakness
Fever and vertigo
Anxiety with illness
Pain in eye sockets
Lack of thirst
I buy the 6C dosage. Remember that coffee, mint, alcohols and other strong flavors can cancel a remedy. I use my anise flavored homeopathic toothpaste while on a remedy, but you can also use baking soda. But when I had the flu I don't recall even brushing my teeth due to the pounding in my head. I just shuffled back and forth from the couch, tub and bed.

This will be in my remedy kit, but I am also taking undenatured whey protein and green superfoods daily for general strengthening. Undenatured whey protein to protect and strengthen the lungs. Influenza attacks the lungs. When lungs are attacked they are more prone to pneumonia.

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