Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just reporting the facts

There is a storm brewing. At least I am thinking one is. The swine flu vaccine. I read this morning on CNN that the vaccine is two shots. The second shot comes three weeks after the first, and it is expected to be released to the general public sometime in October. Cue the conspiracy theory music.

Will you be getting the swine flu shot? I can see the news headlines now. Local reporters covering lines out the door at the drug stores to get the vaccine. The elderly and young getting ushered to the front. Reassurance not to worry. There is enough to go around. The mad rush. Guess where I will be at that moment. Probably the grocery store. Any of the three I frequent. Hopefully buying another case of organic chicken stock that will hopefully be on sale.

Last time I had the flu my biggest complaint was I had no frozen chicken soup to take out of the freezer. Well, that is not all together true. It was hellish. It was a 5 day migraine with the worst body aches and snot thrown into the mix. But surely not bad enough to warrant a new fangled vaccine with a cocktail of preservatives I care not to inject into my body. I am going with my own immune system and stacking all my cards in that pile. I do have a disclaimer though. We are a healthy family. There may be instances I might even recommend the vaccine. Our immune systems are in good health, but for those whose are not, this vaccine may be something to consider.

I am not minimizing the seriousness of this whole situation. In fact, I may be more prepared than the average citizen. I have my Gelsemium. I have my undenatured whey protein (I take it every day) and I have my industrial strength probiotics. I have my cinnabar complex for fevers. I still need to stock up on Reed's Ginger Brew (the best for upset tummies) and finally I have Motrin.
And, if CNN is interested in a different kind of news story, my schedule is open for interviews.


heather said...

Awesome. Awesomely, awesome, awesomeness. Thanks for the smile.

Anonymous said...

I know who to call if I get it:)
Except I am considering pushing T to have one because of the asthma.... what do you think?


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