Saturday, August 22, 2009


Having a moment.
A few of them.
I cut about 5 inches off my hair, and I feel like I lost some of my identity. Insecurities are seeping out of my skin like sweat.

Then, I find a lice bug in M's hair last night. Our very close friends have been fighting the lice battle all week and I have been checking us everyday. Last night I saw a little bugger behind her ear. I have spent an hour today looking very, very closely at her hair and could not see any eggs or nits. Its giving me a complex. But we are treating ourselves anyway, and now our house smells of coconut oil and rosemary.
Thats it. A bit gloom and doom.

The bright side is that lice is better than pinworms. That caused a slight moment of insanity for me when we battled that a half year ago. Many moments of slight insanity. And, some moments with our pediatrician when I demanded to have the pinworm medicine ON HAND just in case I needed it again. She does not do that. Except for me. They got sick of me calling the office. You know, the squeaky wheel thing? Yep.


Becky said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear that you have some unwanted visitors. Have you a washer with the sanitize option? Burn the heck out of them on the sheets and bed linens. That was a primary necessary option when I bought a new set. HAD TO HAVE IT.

I have heard that pinworms are HORRIBLE, I could understand wanting the meds on hand. Shudders.

Good luck!! Oh great, now I'm itching.

Anonymous said...

Got a good laugh this morning - an especially good post.


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