Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Clear?

Lice is a pretty expensive bill for this was around $60

Good Pals......

I think we may be in the clear. After a coconut oil treatment, a homeopathic treatment and four 30 minute inspections I have found nothing on M's head. I got checked twice yesterday and I am in the clear as well. That is not to say my head is not itching any more, because I am itchy due to thinking about lice. I find it very strange that I found a lice on M but nothing else. I am deciding that it was just perfect timing and remaining vigilant on daily checks. Seems doing weekly checks on a kids head is really a good idea since a bad infestation of lice is much much more work than a small one. I think it is a miracle I never had lice growing up in florida. That state is just filled with bugs and the humid, warm air is a perfect breeding ground for all things icky. I am shuddering thinking about it. No wonder I fled the day after I graduated high school.

Our close call was a good excuse to vacuum and steam clean my floors. And wash windows, flip the cushions on the sofa, re-arrange M's room and do 8 loads of laundry. Today the cleaning continues on. I have guests this week and I really excited to start planning menus and grocery lists.

Meanwhile, enjoy some photos from this past week. Last thursday was a dress-up marathon for these little ones!


Becky said...

All I see in those photos are head gear. Please tell me you're scalding all of that stuff....

heather said...

My neighbor was just talking about lice and how she vigilantly checks her and her daughter. I don't know a thing about lice so it's interesting that you posted this....:)
Such cuties.

Anonymous said...

hi sweetest jessica
seeing the pictures in that order is so funny.
first, the lice killing table of goods.
second, your child and mine, plus one, wearing all of my childs clothing, wigs, hats, etc...
yes, becky. those are all either washed or bagged up for three weeks in which time, if it wasn't missed it's going away.
i am already looking back and laughing. and i love you so much it's all worth it. here's to the next round of infestation from some small disgusting creature!
for the record, still no sign of em here.

Jessica said...

I know...all that dress up, all that fabric. It is parasite heaven! The one thing about all of these physical ailments is having great friends to share experiences with, get advice from and complain to. A wonderful upside! xoxox


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