Monday, August 31, 2009


This was a photo from the wedding we attended this weekend. It was pretty and full of wonderful food, which I find to be rather rare at weddings.
Made me want to be a caterer.

Yesterday we had a "family" day and went to miniature golf and the new movie Ponyo. A film by Hayao Miyazaki, it was wonderful. Magical and way beyond what is normally in a kids movie. It is full of all the things you want in a movie and none of the things you don't. No bad humor, no innuendos, not too intense. Loved it.

A bit down in the dumps wondering if I am doing life all right or all wrong.
Definitely a day I would be laying in bed depressed if I could. Instead I will be cleaning the bathrooms and fishtank, folding laundry, driving M from school and pretending everything is just peachy. Peachy peachy peachy. If I say it enough times I think it will come true.


heather said...

I hear ya. I am feeling it you couldn't tell.
We were watching the trailer for Ponyo a few weeks back and marveling at how good it a series of watercolor paintings. Wanting to go....Big J brought it to my attention. He's good like that. :)

The way I see it, I think you are doing it right. All right.

Anonymous said...

me too!!!! must be fall time! too bad there is no right (or wrong) way to be doing this... you, however, are doing a fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to be told you're doing it right, you know it in your heart but you just can't see it right now. I hope your spirits are lifted sooner than later.


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