Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pizza Night

Last night was pizza night. We buy our pizza dough at a local fine foods store. They have a freezer filled with home made everything, and pizza dough is included in that.
D made a wonderful mixture he topped on the pizzas of olive oil, red pepper flakes and fresh crushed garlic. It really added a lot of flavor to the pizzas. He had a helper as you can see in the photos, and my sister (is visiting this weekend) and I drank Prosecco while we watched. We drank this prosecco at Delfina a couple of weeks back. It is fantastic. Really amazing. Crisp and creamy, vanilla and flowers on the nose. Our local wine merchant sells it for $17 a bottle. Prosecco has lower alcohol content than most wines, so drinking a glass does not make me sleepy like a lot of wines can. I put up a picture so next time you are shopping for wine and remember prosecco you can buy this bottle!

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