Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tasty Kitchen

I am starting this post by pausing and going outside to chase a big, fat wild turkey off the hood of my car. I am now wondering if turkeys, and not my cat is the cause of the scratches on my hood that I swear at every time I see them.

On another note. Does anyone read The Pioneer Woman blog? I do, and she is famous in the blogging world. Ree has a very very successful blog. She is beautiful, talented and funny. The perfect combination that might make you very jealous of her blogging life if you did not love her so much and want her to be your friend, like I do. She has started a website called Tasty Kitchen, which is a online recipe site with a little social networking mixed in. Of course I joined. I have submitted three seaweed snacks recipes so far, and today, my Broccolini and Goat Chevre Crostini is on the home page as a featured recipe of the day!! There are maybe 5 recipes featured like a slide show. So, if you check it out you may have to remain patient (like I had to) to see mine scroll through. Very exciting stuff in my world.

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Becky said...

So first, I ran over to Tasty Kitchen and waited very patiently for your recipe and photo to come up which was awesome, and well deserved recognition. Then I verified that the link from her post to your website worked (thumbs up!!), and then I went right over to The Pioneer Woman blog and sat there reading FOREVER!! Fascinating! I couldn't subscribe fast enough. Thanks for clueing me in.


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