Monday, August 10, 2009

Tick bites and Farts

So I removed a tick from M's ear last Wednesday at camp. It was not engorged, but I did have to dig a bit with my fingernail to get it out. I did not even realize it was a tick at first glance, but it had a tiny chunk of her skin in its mouth and was moving. Ticks always make my stomach drop. An immediate gurgle of anxiety and acid in my stomach. Along with the usual swearing. Because I HATE TICKS. The little blood suckers I wish would just silently leave the the planet without fuss or fanfare. It is a part of country living that I absolutely reject of every level.
Fast forward 5 days. Her ear is red, swollen and painful. Oh here we go. Lymes Disease is pretty much up for grabs depending on who you talk to or what literature you read, and treatment options are equally confusing and pretty much a guessing game. The poor doctor in our treatment room was cornered and questioned for almost 30 minutes by me. My husband had his sunglasses on, so I couldn't see all the "please shut up and stop annoying the lady" looks coming my way. All the while M. was laying these old man farts stinking up the whole room. Way worse than normal kid farts. I kept silently hoping the doctor was a mother who gets the whole "when you smell fart in a room with a child in it, you know who is the culprit". D conviently had to take a work call outside on his cell and escape the interogation I was conducting and the polluted air.
We got antibiotics. We are giving her two doses.
Our life is going to be filled with random tick bites and 3 weeks of antibiotics each time she gets one is not a realistic option. We are going to trust our intuition and take each bite as it comes and decide each time what we want to do.
Meanwhile, M. is bummed she is 0nly getting one more dose of medicine because as she told her daddy last night "boy dad, I sure am lucky to get such great tasting medicine".


moonmama said...

okay...the farting in the doctors office is such an amazing picture of motherhood!!! so so so funny :) i really enjoyed the evening with you!

mom2two said...

it's also easy to pass off your own farts as your kids' farts... not that i would ever do that.. not me, never.


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