Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why does it have to be so ugly?

Damn ugly boots. Like what the girl from scooby doo used to wear. My child practically started crying tears of joy when she saw these online at Zappos. I bet she would give away her whole Polly Pocket collection for these damn ugly boots. This was her first choice for school boots of the 15 pages of boots on Zappos. See what kind of trouble I can get into on a hot summer day with a 5 year old who likes to shop online as much as I do?

Her second choice. She thought I would go for them because they do not have a heel. I actually laughed at these.

My daughter loves to shop. Oh yes. Loves to. Does not matter if it is at a thrift store, consignment shop or Kmart. Well, we do go to the mall sometimes too. But, the above mentioned are in town, so that is where we go the most. The promised land of Target and "The Mall" are a 90 minute drive, so we just make due. And, let me say that our Kmart might be the worst on the planet. I feel panicky when I step foot inside due to the grossness of it all and my own childhood memories. Today we went to the Kmart to replenish her underwear supply. After 8 or 9 tries of different underwear at the Kmart (I like to call it "the Kmart") we finally hit gold. If you had to take a guess if the Kmart still had those fantastic undies we bought on our last visit there, do you think they would still have them?
M. kept annoyingly drifting off while I searched the underwear wall. I could hear her talking under her breath about all the Hannah Montana outfits she wishes she could have among other things. Finally out of sheer desperation for something to buy she said "mama, lets see if they have the retarded pajamas!" But no, sadly the Kmart has very slim pickings for non-flame retardant pajamas. The sales lady who was helping me got a good laugh out of that.
So we left the Kmart with nothing but a monthly calendar for my datebook and one moping kid. But, tomorrow will be a better day for her.


heather said...

Can't wait for the pictures of the carnies...that's always good fun for all.
Oh, to have a girl....that has an opinion about clothes and likes to shop...:) I am sure I might possibly eat my words if that were to come true. ha.
Soooo funny those were her boot choices!

Anonymous said...

You can always try the JcPenneys. It's slightly less gross.
M. sure has an eye for fashion... she might just follow in her auntie's footsteps.
Glad you talked her out of the heeled boots:)


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