Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dirty Clothes Pile

My current keeping-me-busy project is getting all of M's fall/winter clothes. Lucky for me M had a super-aunt who loves to outfit her with all the latest from San Francisco. Even so, M is one tough customer. If anything she wears feels even a bit off, she refuses to wear it and that is that. Forever. She tries things on in the dressing room, loves it, takes it home and then decides it does not feel right. It pretty much drives me crazy. Every morning she likes me to be sitting in her room helping her get dressed which pretty much means I just watch her have 2 or 3 meltdowns over her outfits and do nothing. She had scored some really ugly, questionable items from our local consignment store that I have tried to discretely hide, but she hunts those items out like a cadaver dog. If she had her druthers, she would wear all Hannah Montana clothes from Kmart along with flip flops. Thank goodness her school has a pretty strict rule about no characters on clothing or backpacks. It makes it easier on me when I can blame someone for the strict clothing rules. "Don't get mad at me honey, your school says you have to." This tends to quiet things down pretty quick. This morning on the way to carpool pick-up she asked me if Santa will bring her Hannah Montana presents even though I forbid them in the house. Like Santa is going to go behind my back or something... But this week I have been searching for non-flame-retardant nightgowns. Not such an easy task. I did find one pair that might fit the bill on Garnet Hill today, but lordy, it is hard to spend $44 on a pair of pajamas. Now that my little girl is 5, she wants nightgowns. Cute ones. Preferably ones that have pugs or horses or fairies on them. It is an exhaustive search. I think I am just going to have to shovel out the money and be done with it. Meanwhile I have to figure out a way to stop M from wearing clothes out of her dirty clothes basket. I pulled out 7 or 8 pairs of clean pants from her drawer this morning for her to choose from. She choose a dress instead and secretly put on a pair of undies from her dirty clothes pile. It reminds me of myself when I was her age. My sister had a closet of neat, organized clothes. I had a pile of clothes on my closet floor. My sister got up early to get ready for school and always had perfect hair. I mostly did not brush my teeth or my hair. We were like the Odd Couple.
Anyway, here is an article that might blow you mind. It really changed my life when I read it. National Geographic article about chemicals in our bodies from the environment. Brillant. If you read it tell me what you think.

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Becky said...

I read it. You were right, brilliant. I love reading but it depresses me sometimes, because as hard as you try you can't avoid some of this stuff. Add to that fact the outright dishonesty of some companies (like Sigg) and it can make you crazy!

On another note, Hanna Anderson pjs are not treated (although their nightgowns are), but she just may like them because of their colorful stripes and the ability to mix and match to her heart's content without being reprimanded by mom for clashing (since it's just bed anyhow, choose your battles)! My kids wear them and they are super duper soft and comfortable. They've always loved them. Just a thought. Let me know when you find something...


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