Monday, September 28, 2009


The latest is that swine flu is at our school.
The good part of that is I was able to get a bargain shopping day in yesterday, so if I fall ill I will have nice new comfy clothes to wear.
Some girlfriends and I went out for the whole entire day without children. We were able to have lots and lots of conversations without interruptions. We were all able to focus. To spend a leisurely amount of time in the dressing room. To sit and eat salads for dinner and chew our food.
And, because we are such country folk, it is still somewhat of a novelty to actually go and shop for a day. I missed Anthropologie, but that is ok, because Gap and Old Navy had an extra 40% off clearance items and I had all the time in the world to look through as many sales racks as I wanted. Yesterday was all about the little things.
I am going to cook something this week. Tonight I made sauteed chard with shallots and mustard. I threw in a little rosemary and thyme too, but it was not post worthy. Last week was taken up with the hours and hours that apple butter takes up, so I did not have any extra energy.

Bedtime last night with M, her daddy was reading Basho and the Fox. Afterward, she had a go at writing haiku. D was very encouraging, but insisted she make it up completely by herself. When I got home from shopping last night he was one very proud papa.

Here are her two haiku poems:

The moonrise
the cherries fall
The fairies flutter
the eagle flies

The sunset comes
the owls hoot
the bells ring

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Becky said...

Precious. I hope that you have those on paper in her handwriting to save forever.


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