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Homeopathic Remedies

So here goes.
Homeopathic Remedies for Flu. This includes Swine Flu.
I have a kit at home, so after I am clear on symptoms, I give the remedy. But to be clear, these are home remedy ideas, and I am not a homeopathic or regular doctor. These are by no means meant to replace anything your doctor may do for you, like antibiotics. This is purely home remedy care that you may find useful like chicken soup. Nothing more, nothing less. Please don't try to treat yourself at home instead of going to the doctor.
Ok, disclaimer done.

1. Aconite
Symptoms may come on after exposure to weather (cold wind, rain etc).
Dry painful cough (like clutching throat after you cough)
Sudden Onset
Sudden Fever
Strong Thirst
Anxiety with onset. Not wanting to be alone
Better from open air
Better from sitting still
Chilled by cold dry wind, worse from noise, light
Nasal discharge clear and watery or seemingly dry with little discharge
This is the remedy for surprise Flu. All of a sudden you are sick, feverish, afraid.

2. Aresnicum album
Flu with digestive symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea
Dry wheezy cough with tickling in throat that won't go away
Sitting up b/c you are afraid of suffocating.
Acid snot; red nose from it.
Thirsty but only wants small sips
Hot head but cold body
Lots of sneezing at onset
Very dry throat and mouth
Better from heat
Offensive odor coming off of body
Shortness of breath, anxious

3. Belladonna
Sudden and intense
Very red, very sore throat. Raw sore throat
Pounding Headaches
Touch and uncovering aggravate chill
Dry spasmodic cough aggravated by talking
Skin is hot to touch
Snot may be bloody
Worse from motion especially the head moving or brushing hair.
Feels better standing, being wrapped up in warm room
Red Face

4. Bryonia
Grumpy and crabby
Wants to be left alone
Slightest motion aggravates
Great thirst want COLD drinks
Dry mouth, parched
Dry, painful hacking cough
Slow onset of symptoms
Headache, muscle aches,
Really just wants to be left alone, and does not want to move. Any movement makes everything worse
Better from cool open air, worse from hot room, too many covers
Chilly. very chilly
Feeling weak in legs.

5. Gelsemium
Slow onset
4 D's Dull, Drowsy, Dizzy, Droopy
Low fever
Any slight movement makes more dizzy and weaker
Stuffy nose
Better closing eyes
Cannot tolerate any kind of surprises, change
Headache at back of neck, skull
Moderate Fever

6. Nux Vomica
High fever
Violent chills, wants to pile on clothing because they are so cold
Sensitive to smells, noises, odors, cold air
Feels like a hangover
Cough worse at night
Better from warm drinks, warm compresses, baths
"If only I could vomit I would feel better"
Must have heat. Pile on clothing
Aggravated from movement, like clothing, covers
Worse in early morning
Burning all over, yet if uncovered is very chilly
Dry teasing cough with great soreness in chest
Head pain worse from moving eyes
Stuffy nose at night, but water, thin discharge during day

7. Phosphorus
Fever and flushed
Weak and Dizzy
Wants cold drinks
Tickling cough with tightness
Hard, tight racking cough. Worse from talking, laughing and cold
Sharp stitches in chest
Raw, dry throat
Symptoms worse before sleep, better after
Stomach pain and nausea may occur along with vomiting
This remedy is great for recovering from flu, post-flu exhaustion

8. Rhus Tox
Fever with bone and muscle and joint aches
Sore throat, teasing cough
Nausea and Bloating
Green nasal discharge
Relieved by warmth and movement
Cough is tearing, dry, teasing spasms and worse at night
May have bloody snot
Dizzy on risign from bed
Feels better moving, then exhausted and must rest. Then wants to move again and then exhausted. This cycle repeats itself

Of course I have shortened all the information so that it is easier for you. You might notice that some remedies seem to have some similar symptoms. You may also know that when dealing with sick kids, they may not be very articulate. I did not say this would be easy. But, all remedies have characteristics that will help you. Slow onset...look at Gelsemium. Digestive complaints look at Arsenicum or Nux vomica. Wants to be left alone and is grumpy...think Bryonia. Belladonna is sudden, hot and high fever. Very raw sore throat.
You may give more than one remedy during the course of the flu also.
I take 3 pellets every 30 minutes for acute situations, or every couple of hours. All of these remedies should be available at your health food store.
And don't forget your Elderberry Extract!
I just read on CNN Dr. Gupta went to Afghanistan and got H1N1. He has some symptoms listed. What remedy would you give him if you had to pick from above? I will give my answer tomorrow!

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Shoot, I got the answer before I picked. I'm such a cheater.

Thanks again for all of the info. Sorry to be such a demanding reader, and I promise not to list you as my children's physician on their school paperwork!!


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