Thursday, September 24, 2009


The remedy I picked for Dr. Gupta was Nux Vomica. Nausea, chilly, stuffed up nose and racking cough that hurts.

On another note, Tartlette one of the blogs I follow has a recipe I am going to make. Bavarian cream, chocolate mousse and salted caramel. Together. All at once. In the same vessel. Just thinking about it sounds like a dessert from heaven. But I have to say I am sad because this weekend is the BlogHer conference (in San Francisco no less!) which is (of course!), sold out. I would be asking my friend and fellow blogger Becky (Tiny Tyrant) to go with me if we were neighbors, had lots of money to buy those tickets, stay in a hotel and take her to some of my favorite SF restaurants. Oh yeah, and attend the hottest blogger convention in the US. Maybe next year......


Becky said...

OHMYGODILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!! That would be SO awesome. Next year, indeed!!! I will save all of my pennies. Seriously. You tell me when.

As a bonus for waiting, maybe I'll have hit my stride in blogging by then. Did I mention that my husband told me that I haven't, yet? Uh huh. He went there.

Becky said...

Did you end up making that recipe? I am curious how it turned out for you?


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