Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomato Sauce

The overflow of tomatoes from last week landed in my kitchen. The nights have been a bit cooler, so I decided to turn the oven on and pry out as much flavor from the tomatoes as possible. Oven roasting is a cooking method I rely on heavily for this reason. It does not require much work on my part and really, the flavors are intensified. So, I made tomato sauce!
I oven roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic. Coated with a good dose of olive oil, it really required very little effort from me. Except scrubbing the cookie sheets everything was cooked on. That was a big hassle!
After the coming out of the oven, I poured my freshly caramelized vegetables into a food mill. The results were very satisfying. I kept some sauce hot on the stove, added some oregano and we had pasta and sauce for dinner that night. It was a thick, rich, roasted tomato sauce that seemed like it had been on the stove the whole day. The possibilities for sauce like that are endless.

Today, I am making apple butter. Apple trees are going crazy here in northern california. Even the ancient apple trees on our big meadow are producing. I have not seen that in years! I am very tired of our long, hot summer. The weather forecast says 90 degrees for the next week. All sunshine. I will try to maintain a positive outlook on that.....


Becky said...

It's refreshing to hear someone complaining about too much sun after the crappy Chicago weather we've had this year. You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

ya coulda done us all a favor and shared your easier, safer, and probably in the end, better tasting method for saucing tomatoes than that blessed labor intensive thing we just did. next year.


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