Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bread Party

Mormor with my sister on the left. I am on the right. Nice Dorthy Hammil hair I had. Lovin that green shag carpet. What kind of world did we live in when that was in style? Oh, yes. The Regan Years.

Mormor and Popop. I estimate this photo from 1982

Stacks of bread!

Sarah making her zucchini bread!

The playground.

It was organized chaos..

Yesterday was the pumpkin/zucchini bread party at my house. We each got 3-4 loaves to bring home and freeze. Everyone brought a recipe and after the loaves were baked, they were split up for everyone to bring home.
I decided to substitute apple sauce for the oil and decrease the sugar in my recipe. Not the greatest idea. It came out fine, but was not amazing. Everyone else had bread that turned out really well. Really I should have only substituted half the oil for applesauce, but I am coming to find out that baking is not a strong suite of mine like cooking. I would never bake without a recipe. I follow it exactly. Cooking on the other hand, I tend to not follow recipes, mostly making up my own. I felt way more comfortable yesterday roasting vegetables for everyone to eat! Every time a day like yesterday happens I feel really lucky to live where I live and have the wonderful friends I have. No one seemed to mind the 40 minute trek up to my house from town either (or did you? hee hee!). Of course it was almost 6pm when everyone left and I wondered how everyone's drive home was with car loads full of extremely exhausted children! M was so tired she did not even protest 2 books before bed instead of the strictly enforced (by her) law of the land rule of 3 books before bed. Most nights she is trying to figure out how to get 4 or 5 books before bed. Reading is such a big part of our life now. M and I go to the library almost once a week, and it is one of our regular haunts. My grandmother Mormor was the person in my family who read to my sister and I. My grandmother was the closest thing to a healthy, stable and nurturing mother I had. We had a collection of books at her farm house in Connecticut I looked forward to reading each visit. I imagine that many of those books were passed on from my father and aunt. I still remember books she had for us to read. Humbug Witch, Tikitikitembo, Georgie the Ghost and Santa's Workshop just to name a few. Another reason I am so thankful to my now passed grandparents. The magic of their farm in Connecticut, and the love and attention they provided me is still making a difference in my life, making me a better mother to my daughter. Thank you Mormor and Popop!


Sam's Mom said...

This year for Sam's BDay cake I used an Alton Brown recipe for Carrot cake that used yogurt instead of oil. It was AMAZING! (and maybe made up for the huge amounts of sugar & cream cheese in the frosting???)
I have since tried the carrot cake (and the Gail Gand applesauce cake I made) as loaf/breads. Both worked REALLY well.

Anonymous said...

never ever mind the trek to your house for what lies in wait there. love to visit you all. sorry about the blue pool. and, i think all the breads are amazing. love that poppy is hysterically crying in the "playground" pic. a very real snapshot of the variety of experiences a child can have when gathered with two or more.

Anonymous said...

also, love the early 80's shots. a time when ice skaters, not "american idols" ruled.

Becky said...

How wonderful that all looks!!!

I had the same haircut... I should post it and we could do a compare and contrast.

Anonymous said...

do you still have any of the books from grandmom's house?

thanks for one of the coziest afternoons i have had in a long long time.


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