Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday night out in SF

Auntie and M

Shannon's Engagement Party. The one in the middle was on fire!

In her element, the star of the show!

Yesterday Auntie took us to see Wicked. Wow. It was really wonderful. The costumes, the voices, the action! M really liked it. In the second act she leaned over and said "Mama, I keep forgetting this is a show and thinking it is a movie". That was when I knew she was totally absorbed. I had some moments thinking she might not be able to sit through all three hours, but she did. She woke up today talking about the witches in fact. And, it was not scary at all which we thought might be the case.

For dinner we went to A16, a place I have been wanting to try now for years. Italian. It was good. Not fantastic, but I will most definitely go back.

Then, after dinner, we went to Auntie's friend's engagement party. It was like a supermodel party. Perfect hair, perfect outfits, perfect conversations. I felt a little country bumpkin, but M sure did not. She walked through the whole party introducing herself and starting conversations. 30 minutes into the party she found me and said "Mom, I am having a great time and I have lots of new friends now". Uh huh.
I mean she is a very social, comfortable little girl, but this was a bit much. I really think she knew everyone's name by the time we left. She definitely gets those genes from her dad. He is known to be the life of the party in our neighborhood, and she is following closely in his footsteps. It was very funny.
Today is back home. I am really sad fall break is over. I am lamenting the school schedule and how boring I am finding life at home. I am just going to keep focusing on halloween this weekend, and the upcoming holiday season.......


Anonymous said...

I can so see it ms.M the star of the party. This girl is going to have a fun life. And by the way, you are far from bumkin. I'm with ya on the dirt road blues though... we'll have to work on that. xo.

heather said...

Oh, fun! M. is super hilarious...I would love to see her in action. She sort of reminds me of what a girl J. would've been like at 5. Making friends everywhere you go....:)

Becky said...

Looks like a great time. What does your sister do there in SF, and why does she have supermodel party friends? Ha ha.


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