Sunday, October 18, 2009


The Belfry Brothers! A cute bunch of guys playing bluegrass. The guy in the blue shirt just happens to be my hubby...

Potato sack race! She thought she wanted to, but it was all boys!

Before the big crowds got there.....

A lot of organic natural strawberry cotton candy was eaten!

Sam, the newly retired executive director. Loved the headband!

Hay bales to sit and watch the stage...

M took this pic. A little fuzzy, but one of my best girl friends!!

Getting a little tired....

The back of the walking up the path. Took the shot to show how big the crowd was

The hand painted photo-op Shindig sign

Dunk Tanks are a whole lotta fun. Thanks Bruce!

Cannot believe I got this shot of her! The flying pigtails! The excitement! Oh it was fun!

The neighborhood kids!

I was impressed by how seriously the kids took playing the games. Such focus.

Face Painting

Cow Milking Game

Early in the day before all the people showed up I took photos....

Ice Cream and Cotton Candy

Pumpkin Carving Station

Games for the little kids

Rachael being a rock star game volunteer!

Jake running the dart game. He just got over the flu too.....

The prize booth. Kids cash in their tickets won from the games for prizes.

I volunteered at the bean bag game

Today was the Shindig Festival. It is one of the most popular events in our community. Another board member (I sit on the board of directors of our local cultural center) and I started this festival four years ago. Everything is home made. Everyone volunteers. A LOT OF WORK. But, now, four years later there is a system in place and it is an easier festival to run. Now, I am happily a volunteer, and not the festival co-director. It has become one of the most special events in our community, and is very well attended.
There is live music and entertainment all day. There are 20 or more vendor booths selling vegetables, clothes, honey, toys and carpets to name a few. There is pumpkin carving, face painting, a dunk tank and hand made games for kids to play the whole day.
There are tamales, (made at tamale parties weeks before) ice cream and organic cotton candy. Everything is purchased with wooden nickels which are bought at the entrance.
A recipe for success.
A home spun festival in our community where I know a big portion of the attendees. And, most people who attend know almost everyone too! I may not like all the aspects of the small community we live in, but on days like today, I know this is the reason why a small place can be a very wonderful place to be.

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Becky said...


That is so AWESOME!! You started all of that? That is too cool, honestly. I am completely and totally impressed. Is that on your property, or is it held somewhere else? I know that the May festival is in your meadow and I was just curious. Again I have to say how blown away I am by all of it!


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