Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Sick Update

Day Two.
Yeah, it sucks. I am keeping M home from school today because I cannot stomach the three hours of driving her to school and back with the flu. My fever got up to 101.5 last night, but I did not take anything for it to allow my body to really fight this off. If my head would just stop hurting I would be in a way better place. My neck is really sore, and it hurts to turn it or move my eyes. When I stand up after laying or sitting, I have the worst sharp, stabbing pains in my head. My throat and glands feel more swollen today, and my headache for the last 24 hrs. is like a migraine. This morning my fever is down.
Last night I changed my remedy to Bryonia due to the headache, eyes and neck pain and white coated tongue. I also am more thirsty. After I took the remedy last night I felt a strange warmth in my whole body, and my nose became runny for a time. But, still no cold-like symptoms.
Still taking the elderberry though, and this is just like the last flu I had, only more mild. I guess I will have to hang in there for just a couple more days. So far, I am the only sick one in the house.

Are you sick of reading about me being sick yet?

Oh yes, Dr. Oz had "natural immune boosting ideas" or something of the sort on his show yesterday. He talked about elderberry! He said something like it is "a natural flu blocker". He also called it "something you have never heard of". Ha!
Well, upwards and onwards. I have a warm bath in my future along with some movies to watch with the five year old. She is really happy I am sick. She is eating her fourth bowl of Cascadian Farm O's cereal watching Curious George. She woke up this morning today asking if I was too sick for her to go to school. "Oh mommy, I guess we will just watch movies all day!"
Someone is getting a little vacation out of this....

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belgiumusagirl said...

I'm new on your blog, I come from Tasty Kitchen, I was looking for "San Francisco" where I plan to go in Feb and found your profile and blog, what a good surprise !
I'll be back soon !
Valerie, Belgium


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