Sunday, October 4, 2009

Turkey Mole

It was a low-key weekend. Yesterday M and I went to the Celtic Festival and I relished in the cool temperatures and costumes. M liked the face painting and the mermaid that gave her a treasure and let her make a wish in her fountain.
D could not be there due to his bluegrass band performing in a wedding. After the wedding though, they drove down to the local downtown area and did an impromptu sidewalk concert. He said they drew about 75 people in the street and loved every minute of it.
Today was the coolest day yet, only getting to 60 degrees. I pulled on my Frye boots with knee socks and remembered how much better life seems without oppressive heat.
Tonight I made Turkey Mole. I had seen Tyler Florence's episode for Ultimate Turkey Mole a few months back and have been waiting for cooler weather to try it out. Our local Coop even sold me a "not for sale" frozen turkey the deli department was going to use. It was not a complicated recipe, but it has lots of ingredients and steps. It turned out really wonderful. I actually like the mole by itself, and will keep it for future mexican dishes. The turkey carcass is boiling away on my stove as I write this, to be used for endless possibilities in the future. Have a good monday!

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Sam's Mom said...

Do you know the "trick" for a turkey carcass? Roast the bones in the over BEFORE you boil it down for broth/soup. It will have a much richer, "turkier" flavor.


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