Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Posts in One Day!

You know the "big" blogs that get paid to promote a product? I am not one of those blogs. But, I do know a fair bit of knowledge about nutrition, so I am constantly searching for the best products for my family. I love a good search. In a sea of crap I am always looking for the pearl. This weekend I found it. At the Real Food Company a block from my sister's apartment, I found a very wonderful Elderberry product, and now I am telling you about it too. And it was on sale ($5 reduced!).
Here is why I switched..
1. It is standardized which means there is a guaranteed amount of bioflavanoids per serving
2. It is organic
3. It has no high fructose corn syrup
4. It has no preservatives
5. It is concentrated, so you get more and take less.

The only drawback I could guess is that you must refrigerate after opening. Now, I have decided to just start giving a small dose to the family every day. I know that the studies have shown that it only works for influenza when you actually get sick, but I have been checking up on elderberry and over and over and over I keep reading it has been used for centuries to help colds and the flu and to prevent getting either. I decided to try out this method for this sick season and see if it works. I have found that if I mix the extract with a very small bit of water M will drink it all in one gulp. So, we are an experiment in progress. And, in case you are running low, or have not gotten your elderberry extract, here is another option. You can search Gaia Herbs website to find a store closest to you zip code that sells their products.


heather said...

And this is BUT only one reason we love your blog so much...xo.
Thanks for ALL the good info.

Becky said...

You're on fire today!

I have been passing on the elderberry info to everyone I meet. Thanks for the help in getting us all through the cold and flu season in one piece!!!

mom2two said...

ok, so safe for kids?? i'm on it.

question.. what do you think of melatonin for kids. i've heard yes, and no, and we've been having issues with sleep lately. should call the doc on this one, but i kinda know what she'll say already!!

Anonymous said...

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