Monday, November 16, 2009

Cranberry Picking

After hours of playing. They were really really dirty.

Raelynn is prepared, organized and up for adventure. And, she always has the best snacks with her!

A little hand holding a soon to be mouthful of manzanita berries.....

This is the old mining road to the cranberry bogs

Our neighborhood......Seems like no one lives here but they do!

A small pond with cranberry bushes on the perimeter

Have you ever seen a cranberry plant?

The guys was a beautiful day!

Can you see the dragonfly on my hat?

Not so many cranberries this year at the bog....

Kids on a hill in the diggins. It was one very large playground for them

Walking back to the cars

This kid is a professional at playing and getting dirty!

Yesterday we went cranberry picking just off the road in our neighborhood. I always feel a bit conflicted about this because the cranberry bogs are in an old gold mining area, and those areas have been contaminated at one time or another with arsenic and mercury from the gold mining. I wonder every year if the cranberries are contaminated. The diggins are beautiful in their own way, hauntingly so, but have been scarred from man's greed. But, it is always great fun to hang out with friends and picking berries is always an adventure.

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Anonymous said...

what amazing photos! your camera work jess?


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