Thursday, November 5, 2009

Olive Oil and Cumin Roasted Cauliflower

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with cauliflower. Love it in curries and with other roasted vegetables. I prefer it to be roasted or braised and mostly do not care for it steamed unless it is coated heavily with ranch dressing, which I tend to never serve at home.
Yesterday I coated it with olive oil, cumin, nutritional yeast, and then roasted it in the oven. I look for creative ways to use nutritional yeast because M. will eat almost anything that has yeast on it. Nutritional yeast is a yellow powder that is used by many vegetarians because of its high protein and B vitamin content. These tend to be in short supply in children's diets. Some contain B-12, but only if it is specially added. We put it on popcorn, rice, quinoa and sometimes in soup as a thickener. M loves it because it has a mildly salty taste and seems to be a distant taste relative to Parmesan cheese.
I topped mine with fresh cilantro, but that is the adult version, and M would never go for that garnish. And, this took less than 10 minutes to prepare!

Olive Oil and Cumin Roasted Cauliflower
oven 375 for 20 min.

1 head cauliflower broken into pieces
1-2 tbls olive oil
1 tbls cumin (or less if you are not a cumin fan)
pinch salt
1-2 tbls nutritional yeast

In a bowl, drizzle olive oil over cauliflower and mix well with you hands making sure each piece is coated. Add cumin, pinch salt and nutritional yeast. Mix with a spoon to coat. Be sure to really get all the yeast and spice on the bottom of the bowl coated on the cauliflower. Carefully spread on a cookie sheet and bake.
Top with a couple of pieces of fresh torn cilantro


Becky said...

I haven't used my nutritional yeast in a while... I love it when you remind me of stuff like this. Your blog is so awesome like that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you another great tip Seaweed Snacks! I really appreciate all that you share. I really never understood nutritional yeast and now I do... it's good stuff.

heather said...

ditto on that. I never understood it have sooo much good info to share.

Ellie said...

You are totally awesome! Love your stuff.

Sara said...

All I can say is thank you for this easy recipe!

I've been getting a lot of cauliflower in my CSA box recently and wondering what to do with it. I found your recipe, and voila, never have a problem getting rid of it.

My bf is no veggie-phobe, but he's the kind of guy who will eat the healthy meal I cook, then order a pizza or burrito on top of it. With this, I can cook a head of cauliflower and pretty much fill him up (except tonight - he got to the pizza before I got home, and I had to finish the veggies myself!).

He liked it so much the first time I made it, that when my mom came to visit and he picked her up, the first thing she asked me about was this recipe he'd apparently been raving about all the way home. =)

Thanks for the simple weeknight recipes - and easy ways to get our "kids" to eat their veggies. Keep it coming!


Jessica said...

When a veggie-phobe will eat, and like(!!) a vegetable dish, I consider it one of the best kinds of compliments! Thanks for sharing your keeps me really motivated to always keep trying. xo

allikpeters said...

i love cauliflower and this is one of the easiest and tastiest recipes for it i have ever tried! thanks!


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