Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Spinach" Dip

In my crazy preparation today, I whipped together an appetizer spread for tomorrow. I used the lemon kale pesto from yesterday and it tastes a lot like spinach dip that is oh so good, but oh so bad for you. This version is slightly better for you. And, I think it tastes better than spinach dip due to the wonderful fresh taste of lemon.
I remember very clearly the best spinach dip I have ever had. It was during college (crap! that was 1991!) while visiting my girlfriend Sarah's house in Hinsdale, IL. Her local gourmet grocery stocked it, and it was a very popular item as I remember it. I think that might have been the first time I had been in a "gourmet" grocery store in my life. They served it with the big round bread that was hollowed out and then all the pieces were scoops for the dip. I could eat a big dish of it and not even flinch. It had diced water chestnuts in it that imparted a crispness that seemed very exotic to my college palate. I was very impressed and since I was a onion dip fan, spinach dip quickly became near and dear to my heart. These days however, because of my irrational fear of foodborne pathogens and the overall freakiness of how I eschew prepared foods, I make my own. This recipe uses the kale pesto with a few things added in. Here goes:

1 cup lemon kale pesto (see link above for recipe)
1 cup room temperature chevre
1 tbls fresh meyer lemon juice
zest of a meyer lemon
1 shallot finely diced
pinch salt
mix well and bring to room temperature before serving

Thats it! I found these fabulous crisps at our local cheese shop. My Whole Foods carry them too. Happy dipping.

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Becky said...

Man Jess, you've got some great recipes.. glad to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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