Sunday, November 22, 2009


It is drizzling, cold and a most wonderful winter day. I would take rain and cool over sun and hot any day.
So, today M and her dad made a winter wonderland art project. I think it was time wonderfully spent. It is nice to see D get a break from the hours he must spend in front of his computer working.
In other news, our beloved resin deer head fell off the wall and broke today! It left a serious gash in the floor, but we were really thankful it did not fall on anyone!


Becky said...

Oh NO!!! Not the buck head!! That is so sad, I'm so sorry that you lost it, but you're right, it could have really hurt someone!

Anonymous said...

that's freaky. at first i thought it was some sculpture mae had made, but then...that could have been deadly!


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