Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend To Do List

Weekend To Do list:

go to the dump
clean out the garage
nutcracker rehearsal in town for M.
go see the movie 2012
sleep in either saturday or sunday
sauna and pizza night at a friends house
scorpio party at the cultural center
visit our friend's winter pottery sale
clean the multiple piles of coyote or fox (can't figure out who) poop off the deck
round up some firewood (husband firing up the chainsaw for that...)

hmmmmm....wonder how many of those things we will get checked off that list. Cleaning out the garage will most likely not get done. Because the garage door closes, and then no one really knows how awful the mess is in there.

What is your weekend list? Anything exciting? Like going to Santa Fe and lounging at 10,000 Waves Spa (my most favorite place ever!!)? Or flying to NY for a romantic dinner for two? Or first class seats for a flight to Japan for the weekend?

1 comment:

Becky said...

I would take any of those things aside from cleaning the garage!

Today was my mom's 60th birthday so we hung with the parents. They gave me another photo album from my childhood. Whee!!! We're going to see the Pixies at the Aragon ballroom tomorrow night... it'll be CC's very FIRST concert. Ever!

Otherwise, not to much...


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