Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since Oprah is not doing her "Favorite Things" show, I thought to share mine.......

This is a list of my favorite items that I use on a very regular basis!

My friend told me about the black toothpaste. My teeth tend to bother me a lot for some reason, so I decided what the heck. I have been hooked ever since. A mixture of crystals, ash, probiotics and lots of other things my teeth have never looked better. They have naturally whitened from this product, and my hygentist said on my last visit, "Oh my, I don't even really need to scrap your teeth!". And we all know the hygentist can make or break your day. Mostly I use it for the antibacterial essential oils to keep my gums healthy. Weird stuff, but miracle in a jar to me.

 I have the thinnest, limpest, saddest hair. Product generally weighs my hair down and I don't like all the weird stuff in it. This has changed my hair life. I would pay $100 for a bottle of this I was forced to!

I have found that a lot of "natural" skin care lines are lacking something. Refinement perhaps. This product totally changed my mind about natural skin care lines, and I am wondering if that is because it is from France. No crap in this at all. No preservatives, parabens or dyes. It is a natural skin brightener and whitener. Since my face survived a Florida childhood, I have a lot of damage. This serum (I use underneath a moisturizer) makes my skin glow. People comment on it. I always give this little bottle (made from grapes) all the credit.

I use this cookbook the most of any I own. Even more than the Joy of Cooking. My sister gave it to me years ago (above is the newest version) for Christmas. It is a cookbook from the authors of Cooks Illustrated Magazine. When they create a recipe, it is an epic deal. They do numerous tests, talk about theories behind their successful and failed attempts,  and sometimes try 20 different recipes before conclude success. There is a lot of explanation, science and interesting facts they include.  I think they devoted 5 pages alone just to roasting a chicken! I always know my recipe will turn out when I use this book. A major competitor for the Joy of Cooking in my humble opinion. (and their white birthday cake recipe is used by all my girlfriends it is so good!)

This cream is something I have used for years now. It is something you don't really need daily, but when you need something for a scald or mild burn, this cream works. Remember when I burned myself on Thanksgiving? This is the first thing I put on, and I had no pain the next day. A priceless item for your first aid kit

I keep these in my purse. With children falling, bruising, bumping, etc. it is essential for me. Especially when unexpected things happen (falling off a swing, or out of a tree) this is the first remedy to grab. Even if you need to go to the doctor or hospital, you can give this remedy while you are figuring what to do.

I am sure I will think of more and post. What are your favorite things? If you are my fellow blogger friends, would you consider making a post? I would love to know yours!!


Anonymous said...

Just ordered the toothpaste as D was raving about it to Theo, MIL is going to try it too! As usual now I want to check out the rest of your recommends. I must have that cookbook, considering we still can't seem to roast a chicken correctly in this house. Might take you up on the favorite things challenge- sounds fun!

heather said...

I was just going to ask you about your recommendations for a cooking mag AND a cookbook! Wow. You read my mind!
I also was thinking of my favorite things....hmmm...:)

Becky said...

When you say that there's ash in the toothpaste, what kind of ash is that? Just curious. I'm glad you recommended a blog post idea, my creative juices have been dry lately...

Anonymous said...

for anxiety attacks relief I use " Rescue Remedy " by Bach works wonders


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