Friday, December 18, 2009

The List Got A Smidge Bigger...

I have thought of things to add to my list since my last post....

In the last 6 years or so I have been afflicted by many an unusual issues. What I thought was phantom face pain (tmj, sinuses, sensitive teeth, eye pain, dizziness) I have come to find out is really trigger points for me. I read this book a couple of times a month, and work on my own trigger points regularly. It is a how-to book with diagrams, stories and it is very easy to understand. There are pressure points inside our mouths that can almost instantly stop TMJ pain and it is only a matter of spending a minute or two massaging them. How come doctors are not handing this information out by the pound? Well, now you know about it too!

d-Mannose is a sugar that cannot be metabolized by the body. It passes quickly through the urinary tract system. d-Mannose attaches to e. coli bacteria in the bladder and is passes out with urine. Just keeps things humming along.

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