Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little trip to Napa

We have been having fun in Napa. My sister and I had a conversation in the car yesterday about how Yontville may be the center of the food universe on this planet. Of course I have not been to Italy and can't compare, but after our Paris trip last summer, I think it may be a front runner. We did quite a bit of research for the Paris restaurants and only one dinner blew me away (Frenchie restaurant), and it was a french chef who had spent considerable time in San Francisco. Last night we ate at Bouchon, one of Thomas Keller's restaurants. It was perfect. The black truffle french fries were the best I have ever had! The night before we ate at Redd, and we did the 5 course tasting menu paired with wine. It was a splurge we are all glad we decided to try. Lovely and perfect. Everything was spot on.

Here are some photos of the last couple of days...

We are staying at Avia Hotel...there are bathtubs in the room!

Had to take a photo of the bathroom...it was great


Bouchon where we ate dinner...

Bouchon Bakery

The wild mustard is already blooming here!



photography by Paula. said...

Maybe Polish food?
I'm Polish and I think or we have good food! :)

Becky said...

I am loving the photography with the new camera. What kind did you get? ***Jealous***

I like the new title pic from your birthday celebration, and glad I'm not the only one to take pictures of the hotel bathrooms because they are seriously cool as hell!


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