Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Tree

This week has been nuts. My mother and brother inlaw moved here yesterday. I have been anxiously anticipating their arrival. I am sooooooooooooooooo happy they are here. Yesterday I greeted the movers and unpacked about 20 boxes of their kitchen while they drove through Nevada. They got here though, and I feel like Christmas came early. Really.
On other notes, above is my really large Christmas tree strapped to the top of my car. I wait all year for the holiday season to roll around and the temperatures to drop, and decorating the tree is a major day in my world. Last year our tree was too short, and I broke down crying during the decorating, yelling at my husband, telling him that next year I was picking out a "big ass tree" or something like that. He had somehow come to the conclusion that we could not have a tree bigger than 6 feet even though we have vaulted ceilings. This year, I picked out the tree. It is towering around 11 feet. See how far off the back of the car it comes? My sister is supervising the tie-down job. Don't stare too much at my dirty car. I live three miles down a dirt road. It actually is cleaner in that photo than most days.
Now that the tree is home, it is touching the ceiling. I am so happy. Every morning I turn on the lights and feel the magic that only a holiday tree can bring.
Lastly, the detox is going well. I will report more on that very soon.
Right now I have to watch Top Chef.


Sam's mom said...

Me thinks you need to change the header to a more holiday-appropriate shot. Knowing you, it will be some yummy-ness regarding food.
Oh, and wanted you to know I've been using Sinusalia from the HF store and it's been wonderful. No prescriptions for my sinuses. No drugs. Just sweet relief from pain and congestion. Homeopathic med rocks!

Anonymous said...

oooo! Decoration pictures please! What a gorgeous tree.

Becky said...

OOOOOhhhh you are lucky. I miss my lofted ceilings something fierce at Christmas time. I can't wait to see the tree in all its decorated glory.


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