Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to Bikram!?

Even with my great new camera, I have no good light at night to take photos of any food I have been making.  But, slowly it is staying lighter longer at night and I am thinking more about food. I sent a check to a local farm this week. I am subscribing to their experimental winter share. It starts in a matter of weeks, and I know that having a box of vegetables to prepare will motivate me to create new dishes more than any trip to the grocery store.

I finally saw Food Inc. this past weekend, and of course it was amazing. Have you seen it?

This whole week has been a wash. Little M has had croup since saturday night. She has not gone to school this week, and I have been coughed and sneezed on for the last five days. Yesterday it seemed she was taking a turn for the worse. Her ears hurt, red eyes, snot, fever and a cough that really hurt. She was requesting crushed ice, so I knew Bryonia was the remedy to turn to. Sure enough after starting her on it, she coughed very little last night, and woke up today in a much better place. All I have to say about croup is thank goodness for homeopathy. When you hit the right remedy, the results are almost instant!

I pulled a muscle (my tricep?) after jumping oh so enthusiatically back into bikram yoga last friday. Since sunday it has hurt to move my arm. The first thing I thought to myself was "oh, right, you are 38 now, not 25." Not that I could go back to class while my sick child is in my care, but still I am excited to. The last time I was there was when I was 9 months pregnant.
I had joined the local gym for a free trial week last week, and really disliked it. A victim of our small town, the locker room was just not up to my standards, and I was spending way too much time thinking about how unclean I thought things were and feeling really out of place with the tv's and machinery.
My bikram studio on the other hand, is spotless, cheery, calming and just what I need. I have my own spot on the floor, touching nothing but my own towel! Very essential for a person like me.
But this muscle in my arm which may very well be something related to something else happening in my arm is taking its own sweet time repairing itself despite by best efforts using arnica gel and regularly massaging trigger points that may or may not be related to the soreness.
Tomorrow is my husband's pizza birthday party. I will try my best to take photos and post something entertaining!


Becky said...

Always entertaining, never doubt that.

Cindy Rowland said...

Saw Food Inc. Made me change my buying habits when it comes to chicken.
What really did it for me was King Korn. Good film.


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