Monday, January 4, 2010

Ok, back to normal

I made it through today getting up early and taking M to carpool. A part of me is so relieved that we are back on schedule, a part of me depressed it is January.
Last night however I went out with some girlfriends and had some extra special fun. We saw Its Complicated and then went out to dinner. And no matter what happens in the world or my life, having girlfriends is the most essential element for me.  I am blessed beyond measure.

Here are some photos of my birthday celebration with family. My brother-in-law made me a cake which was extra special. My birthday being so close to christmas has meant a lifetime of getting lost in the holiday shuffle and having very few cakes ever made for my special day. It was devils food cake with cinnamon buttercream!

This was little M's birthday apples she made my sister and I. Topped with sugar and mints. She created it all on her own

My birthday card from my daughter. Made me cry.


Sarah said...

glad that your birthday was a good one-- those bday treats sounded delish. It had to be nice with the increased family around you as well.

Starting on the liver cleanse you posted at the end of the week- getting through a stomach flu now that's swept two out of three kids & me. Happy new year!!

Seamstress & Gardener said...

happy birthday!
hope your year ahead is full of more tears of joy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and a very happy new year!!! The pics are fantastic and I almost started crying too! U deserve a ton of happiness as you've been such a great friend to others. And a happy new year to Sarah and family too!

heather said...

Looks like your birthday was lovely and very special. I love the little apples.:)

I hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year to you!!!!

(Have missed been busy?)xoxo.

Becky said...

That pic of M is just precious. You are so lucky, Jess. Happy Birthday!

Oh, and that cake sounds incredible!!!


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