Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out of Balance

Guess what? Remember how I told you I was getting some "tests" done? They are back. My appointment is not until next week, but I requested to pick up copies of my labs early.

I had my steroid hormones, neurotransmitters and thyroid tested along with a chem screen. And, it was almost completely covered by my health insurance.
First I will tell you that my PMS is crazy. I worry a lot. I have very big germ fears. Headaches, fatigue, exhaustion. I feel anxious a lot. It is all there. And I am a nutritionist, so go figure. I help people with these exact problems. But, as I live in the world, I am coming to find out that this is normal. The very doctors who spend 15 minutes with you at your annual gyno exam feel just as crappy. They do not have the answers you are looking for. You get shuffled out with a prescription and you are on your way! We just all live in a perpetual state of "just barely hanging on" and mostly find nothing beyond that. Do you agree? Perhaps not. But, I have noticed that our culture uses caffeine, drugs (both food and chemical) and addictions to survive.
Today the sky opened up and I got to the bottom of the question I have had for 10 years now. Why do I feel so awful, so much?
I learned the exact levels of my neurotransmitters. I know now, that feeling anxious, depressed and stressed have a REAL basis. I know my vitamin D level is very low. I know that my adrenal glands need some help. I know that feeling calm  and happy is a very short distance away.
I know it is not all in my head.
Hear that one more time (and shout it to your doctor.....)
My biochemistry is off, and will soon be back on track.

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross is worth it's weight in gold.


Becky said...

Jess, I would love to discuss....

Sarah said...

that had to be a huge weight off your shoulders knowing that there was an explanation for how you have been feeling for so long. You are a good example of how things can turn around when you take charge of your health & don't shuffle along with what the 15 minute appt with the gyno (mis)diagnoses. COngrats to you for staying on top of it & being such a good advocate for your health.

heather said...

I am definitely going to get that book!


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