Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flying a Kite

The pain and joy of watching a little person grow up.
It is almost too much some days.
I wish for little five year old laughter forever.

This was our visit to Pt. Reyes. It was a beautiful day.
The waves were so large it was scary. We stayed far back from the water.
She learned how to fly a kite. We made sand castles with moats and decorated them with seaweed.
I felt sad she will not always be five.


heather said...

What a beautiful entry...words AND pictures. You have such great perspective...wish we could hang out and have it rub off on me. But by reading posts like this, it does. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

great photos and great essay. my heart connects to both so deeply.

Becky said...

So lovely, Jess. I feel the same every day and now I'm up to 8 and 13 years old. Sigh.

Maggie said...

Yep...I feel the same way...only I say 2 and 4 year old laughter. I wish I could slow time.

Anonymous said...

I have three. An eleven year old son and five year old twins, boy girl. I don't lament the passage of time. I do try and revel in where we are now. You brought a happy tear to my eye. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are lovely photos. My favorites - children and the ocean!

Jessica said...

it was one of those days you hope you never forget...the kind you remember when you see your children graduating from college or getting married. I cried that day at the beach too :)


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