Monday, February 22, 2010

Grapefruit Cabbage Salad

This past weekend we had friends over. There were 15 of us, so I decided tacos might be an easy and fun way to please both kids (all 7 of them!) and adults. I had some grapefruits from my friends farm share and thought it would add a bright dimension to an otherwise flimsy cabbage flavor component. I also had purple carrots and lemon crush olive oil to add, which made a great taco filling while being dairy, gluten and guilt free. 

Grapefruit Cabbage Salad

3/4 head cabbage thinly sliced (3-4 cups)
3 large carrots grated (about 1 cup)
1 med. grapefruit diced
1 tbls lemon olive oil
juice of a lime
2 tsp. vinegar of your choosing (I used sherry vinegar)

Trim the skin and white off the grapefruit and cut into slices. Remove any seeds and dice into 1/2 inch size pieces. Mix with carrots, cabbage, olive oil, vinegar, salt and lime juice.
If you don't have lemon olive oil, then regular olive oil with a bit of lemon zest works too. I made this salad two hours before serving it, stirring occasionally and keeping it in the fridge until serving it.  Cilantro, mint, tarragon, parsley, basil would all compliment this dish wonderfully, and give it a great color.


Becky said...

I was just reading about how good for you grapefruit is. You come up with some great ideas... I would never in a million years know what else to do with grapefruit other than halve it for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I'd love to find out more about your cooking classes.


Catherine said...

Love this recipe. I frequently make cabbage salads but never thought to add grapefruit. Definitely adding this to my list of recipes-to-make! (I may like to add it to my blog as well, but if so I'll definitely ask you first and then credit you...
Great selection of recipes BTW.

Jessica said...

Catherine, would love to share this recipe with you on your blog! Glad you like my selection of recipes. Tell me what you think if you make something! soon as my next class comes up (this month) I will send you a message. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Found your blog through 101 Cookbooks... I made this salad the other night and it was simple to make and delicious! I liked it as is, but my family found it a little tart, so I added a handful of golden raisins to the leftovers. The next day the raisins were plump and juicy, and the salad was a big success! I'm adding it to the repertoire!


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