Monday, March 15, 2010

Country Mouse City Mouse

My twin sister (identical, three minutes apart) and I live very different lives. She lives in San Francisco, and has a high powered job. I have my part-time nutrition practice and the other half of my life is as a stay at home mother. My twin sister does not get home until 7pm some days, and fits in going to the gym around her crazy work schedule. The paradox to this is that she loves to cook. She has some signature dishes that have become family legend. Onion Souffle for example. She does very well for herself, and has shortcuts to help her cope with such little time in the kitchen. When we visit her we usually go out to eat. My country life does not afford much in the way of great restaurants. Only two worth eating at in my small town. I go kinda crazy when I visit her. Really. A bit crazy. She deals well with my enthusiasm. I almost do cartwheels when I walk one block (Only One Block!!!) down to her local grocery store. For me at home, a "little trip to the grocery store" is either 20 minutes to the little country grocery store or 45 minutes to the big store in town. I have adjusted to this. When my friends come visit me and drive the three miles down the dirt road to my house they are usually impressed we can live in such a rural environment and startled that there is just nothing else around. That includes no power. We live in a 100% solar powered house. This is good for my doomsday fears, of which I have a few. I am lucky that my dear husband has worked in the solar industry for ten years now and has tricked out our house to be just as functional as a city house. For instance, I have a dishwasher,  and this is a novelty in our community where many people still use outhouses. We used to have an outhouse too, but that is a story for another blog post.
Back to the food.
I wanted to let you know the brands of canned foods that are BPA free. Turns out that Eden Foods has been making BPA-free cans for a decade now. Canned tomatoes are the exception however due to the acidity. I am putting a link to a Tree Hugger article that lists brands that do not use BPA in their canned food. Turns out that Trader Joes has a selection to BPA-free canned food too!

Here is my sister (on the left) and I.  (last summer in Paris)...We jokingly refer to ourselves as the country mouse and city mouse. I highly recommend being a twin. We switched classes in high school....tricked the teachers. I was the trouble maker though. My dad can attest to that. Got my mouth washed out with soap when I was 5 for spitting at the bad guy on tv. That is a story I won't be telling my daughter. Don't want her to get any bad ideas from her mother!


S. Kahlon said...


Thanks for your very kind comment on my blog. Sorry for the slow response. I've been at home for Spring Break and have been antisocial.

I go to school at Michigan State; but I grew up in Chicago. Where did you live when you were out here? And you said you now live in the middle of nowhere in California. So does my family! They just moved out here three years ago. Where are you? We live in Victorville (possibly the ugliest town name ever).


heather said...

I want to hear the stories about the outhouse and spitting on the tv! You were a rebellious one...:) I can attest to that. But no more than what I thought was "normal." fun post though. And even though I don't live in the middle of nowhere...I think I would do cartwheels to a store ONE BLOCK away too! You seem to have the best of both worlds....(to quote Hannah Montana.)
fun post to read. miss ya.

heather said...

ok, I was a little Miss Redundant Woman in that comment. sorry.

Anonymous said...

hey country mouse. this is a fellow country mouse who is actually posing as a country mouse and really is a city mouse. at least this is what she thinks today. it varies. looking forward to our next lunch in one of the two restaurants in our country mouse-of-a-town. great post. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Former city mouse who left downtown Chicago for 15 acres in rural NC to become a country mouse. We have electricity and use propane right now but would love to eventually get off the grid.

I meant to reply to your post last Saturday that Eden uses BPA cans for their beans. Eden also prepares their beans with kombu, which is how I make them.

Jessica said...

Kahlon..I lived between wrigleyville and roscoe village. Fun spot! Fun times in chicago!
Windy City Vegan..where in NC? So you aren't in chicago anymore? Do you miss it?
To my fellow country/city mouse..xoxoxo
Heather..maybe I will go take photos of that outhouse at Shoboan (our last house's name)

Anonymous said...

S Kahlon, you apparently have never heard of the little know town, "Rough and Ready." for real, and we say it with a straight face.

dreaminitvegan said...

Oh that made me laugh, about the spitting on the t.v.!lol!!!
Thanks for the info on the BPA lined cans, that's been a concern of mine for quite a while so I really haven't been buying canned foods. The ones that are BPA free does it say on the can?

Jessica said...

dreamitvegan..I know that Eden foods is now labeling the cans BPA-free. The trader joe's I don't know about. Do you use a pressure cooker for your dried beans?

Anonymous said...

EEK! I just realized that I said Eden uses BPA cans, I meant BPA FREE cans.

Also, I'm in Saxapahaw, NC. Try saying it three times fast!


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