Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Spring started off with a play and soup, and I am hoping it ends with the chicken pox. The middle parts are filled with a trip to San Francisco.
Here are some photographs of a play the girls created during their time together on Monday. They called it "The Princess Meets The Witch", but I thought is was a lot like Sleeping Beauty. There were costume changes, a dressing room behind the curtain and lots of giggles.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! My daughter has a very lively imagination and has recently started playing dress up. I cannot wait until she's putting on plays with her friends.

We're doing everything in our power to help her catch chicken pox, but unfortunately everyone we know has already had their children vaccinated. We may have to find a new pediatrician because the one she currently sees refuses to write an exemption letter for varicella or Hep B.

lifeasiknowit said...

beautiful shots of this beautiful trio! wish we had been there for opening nite....

Becky said...

So happy to see you posting so frequently! It makes my day when I have a little something to read about in CA.


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