Monday, February 28, 2011

San Jose del Cabo

Walking on the beach.....

View from our room.....
View from the Hilton looking south...
Aunt Danielle with her biggest fan....
View from our cabana at the pool.....
Swim up bar!
No Kindle..just a book for me
Our second dinner at Las Ventanas
Las Ventanas!
Me and M

Just flew in today. I was so sad to leave beach paradise. I did not bring my computer on this trip, so only checked my email a few short times during my stay. It was nice to be unplugged. We stayed at the Hilton San Juan Cabo San Lucas. For what it was, it was perfect. Beach and pool and atmosphere all blended together evenly. I always had in my mind that Cabo was a touristy, party spot, but our week was restful, full of great food and lots and lots of relaxation. I had a very important dream while I was there and it helped me tremendously with my grief and I felt some pretty profound completeness around my marriage ending. I felt more like myself (or rather my new self) than I have in almost 5 months. I ate, swam, thought, wondered, rested and remembered who I am after throwing off some big sad stories I have been carrying around that I just don't need anymore. On the airplane today M and I were talking about how we are moving in 3 days. She said "Mama, aren't you excited? This is what your dreamed about!" While I did not know what dream she was recalling, I have noticed that she has been very symbolic lately, so I took in deeply what she said. I realized that yes, my life radically shifting has been bone chillingly scary, but once I get past that,  I am getting the life I have always wanted. Truth, honesty, love, authenticity, my sweet daughter, choices, fabulous friends, health, and community. This trip helped me see that. This trip helped me see my beauty. And from those places comes my passion for creating food and healing and the journey we all take to nourish ourselves.
Well back to the nitty gritty. Here are some funny observations I had on this trip though:

Everyone and their brother except me has a Kindle at the Hilton
Getting a pool chair during a busy week at this Hilton requires secret ninja moves
Swimming lessons for a six year before a big beach trip is worth its weight in gold
Packing 4 boxes of crackers and snacks in our suitcases for the trip was a great idea
Las Ventanas is my dream destination resort...hands down
I have officially recovered from my fear of food borne illness in Mexico
I would love to bring all my girlfriends here asap
I love deserts


Nancy said...

Wow - looks like a beautiful destination and a restorative trip! I'm giggling over your comment about the 'ninja moves' - I stayed at a resort in Tulum a few years ago and chaise-claiming began at about 5 am. We had to develop some serious stealth moves of our own to secure our spots for the day :)

heather said...

So glad to hear about your restorative trip! It looks amazing! Love and hugs to you.

moonmama said...

i'll be there with ya in a quick minute! so glad you are back and so glad you had that time before your big move! love you to no end...

Shovel Snow and Sew said...

Mmmm, I can feel the warmth. Happy to hear you had a rejeuvinating trip. xo

Becky said...

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! You're back!!!

I MISSED you!!!

Thank you so much for coming back. I know it must have been hard, seeing how beautiful the destination was, the company, the healing.

Selfishly excited that you're back, though! A thousand apologies, my dear, that it makes me want to squeal.

Anonymous said...

simply can not wait to be there with you. one day soon. x


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