Monday, March 14, 2011

All Moved In!

I put up a "before and after" photo of my living room. A big transformation took place! I am thrilled with the paint colors I picked and pinching myself every morning when I wake up and realize I can walk downtown in two minutes.  It has been a soft landing. M and I said goodbye to each room of our house before the movers came by recalling a special memory for us both. Our friends came during the move to be with us, and provided a massive amount of support. I needed it that day.
My new kitchen is very small and cozy. I am adjusting to the lack of counter space, and loving the vintage stove. I have been cooking little bits here and there. I made a chickpea salad with an orange tahini dressing. It did not make the cut however to share with all of you. There were chickpeas in my grain csa and I have been thinking about them constantly. I will try again soon though.
Right now I am making old fashioned tapioca pudding. We have been craving comfort foods to ground ourselves and isn't pudding just a sure thing for that?
Next up is my garden. I need serious help with that. Although I have a degree in biology and botany, I have no gardening skills. I know I want to plant lemon verbena, shiso and lots of heirloom tomatoes.

The top photo is a little buddha figurine a japanese translator I met while visiting Japan some years back gave me. It has always sat on my little altar. I love how joyful it looks. I have had Japan in my thoughts constantly. I have been deeply moved by the earthquake and tsunami. I have been sending love and light to Japan constantly. Japan, I am thinking about you. I am loving you.


Jo in France said...

Hi Jessica, your new home looks wonderful! I am sure you will have many, many happy times there. Settling in to new routines always takes a little while, but you sound very happy and positive. Looking forward to lots of new recipes from you!


Nancy said...

Your new stove is so cool - wow! Much deliciousness will be happening there for sure. And I love your decor for the living room - it looks warm and cozy and lived-in already :) Sending you wishes for many good times in your new home!

Angela said...

Your new home looks beautiful! Would you like to come and decorate my home next? May you have many happy memories in it. AYS
ps I LOVE the old stove!

Angela said...

Your new home looks beautiful! Would you like to come and decorate my home next? May you have many happy memories in it. AYS
ps I LOVE the old stove!

Becky said...

Your new place looks fantastic! If I didn't know better, I would never guess you just moved in. What a wonderful nest you've made to catch our favorite California girls at the end of the day. Beautiful. You have a gift for decorating, my dear.

Anonymous said...

your japanese figure looks like a jizo, which serve as symbols of protection for mothers and children and those in transition.
i loved seeing that as your photo choice. i've been in your home and felt it's coziness first hand, lucky lucky me! so grateful for you, jess, and all your gifts and offerings.

Ashley said...

I think you may have missed your calling as an interior decorator. You can hardly tell those two photos are of the same room! Nice work.

Jessica said...

Jo..I have a meyer lemon recipe coming tomorrow!
Nancy..thank you for the nice wishes; are you still liking fridays off?
Angela..thank you and would love to get together next time I am in sf...
Becky..I had lots of help from my superstar friend who helped me through the whole process :)
Ashley..I admit I struggle with decorating; I was lucky all my things from my other house fit nicely!

Jessica said...

NS..thank you for telling me about the jizo. I owe my awesome little place to you and your efforts and love and support and you all-around magic you carry with you in the world. I love telling you how lucky I am to have you as my friend. I love you dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're settling into the new place. And oh my goodness, that stove!

Looking forward to reading about your gardening adventures - I have heirloom tomato seeds sprouting in my greenhouse right now, lemon verbena in my herb garden, and a *lot* of shiso (green and purple) coming up everywhere! We should swap shiso recipes some time.

Jessica said... local sushi restaurant charges me $1 for each shiso leaf I order with my have a little gold mine in your garden! Our local coop sells small bunches of shiso every summer; it is in high demand. Wish you could give me a little starter plant. I am going to order it online this week :)

Anonymous said...



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