Monday, May 2, 2011

Someone Special Had A Birthday Party!

Jilan, a good friend and photographer took this with her ultra-cool camera


Yesterday was little M's 7th birthday party. I made food for three days for her special day.  My little darling had a notebook with the details of how the party was going to go down. She managed to get all her wishes granted. Pinata, garden treasure hunt. friends, music, sun, drinks. I think all bases were covered. I absolutely adore all of my friends, so for me it was a party with them too. I perhaps went a little overboard on the food, but I love a reason to cook. I think that maybe the french onion dip was the winner. There was a lot of feedback about that one. I posted that recipe recently. So easy to make too!
I have been getting into my new garden. I mowed the lawn last week. I have never mowed a lawn before. It reminded me of my friend freshman year in college that did not know how to work a washing machine. Better late than never right? I took extra long to mow because I loved it so much. I am growing some starts as well. Today I started cowpeas, english peas and shiso. I finally am going to have my own shiso plant!


Anonymous said...

If grass grows the rate it grows in Wales where you live, by mid summer you'd never want to mown another lawn again! It just explodes, it literally grows in front of your eyes.
The top picture is really precious.
Have fun with the new garden.

Anonymous said...

having been there, i have to say, the food was over the top! jessica, you did it up right. your daughter is very very lucky. a truly fun day full of love, sunshine, and spectacular food.

Ashley said...

How cute is she??? GUHHH, so cute!

Mowing the lawn is the best. I used to beg my parents to let me do it as a teenager. Can't wait to have a lawn again some day.

niki said...

I'm all for going overboard with the food at a party! Love the photos from this post... I'm jealous of your fabulous garden!

Nancy said...

i can't wait to hear more about your garden -- growing shiso, wow! i dream of someday having a meyer lemon tree in my backyard :)

Looks like some birthday party you had there -- happy belated 7th to your sweet little M!

Shovel Snow and Sew said...

Happy belated birthday M!

I mowed the lawn for the first time ever this year too! I think this is a good sign for us!

Thinking of you...


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