Friday, February 3, 2012

Edamame Hummus and Endings

Having coffee a few mornings back, sitting with close friends, we discussed how life continually presents opportunities even if disguised as disasters, and how this past year it has manifested for me by being brought to my knees so to speak quite a few times. We all have our own lives to do this, being touched by what we allow to transform us. Maybe it is being 40 now, but I feel like people's lives are moving faster and being shaken deeper. Life is holding us closer and the ride is getting wild. We can either turn away from it, or we can face it and love it. I decided to be on my knees, trusting the divine to show me as only the divine can. And letting go of everything I had built as my life, watching it dissolve, allowed me to come forward like I had not yet in my life. I  I have complete trust in this journey. And so, getting broken open becomes for so many of us, a shorter path to discovering that when we face the fear that life can bring, the truth shows itself vividly. It was never real, this fear, it was a belief I had made up about life, about myself, to survive. And so as I release these beliefs, the fear falls away and leaves room for more love, more authenticity, more trust that all of this is right. Before all of this, I hoped that life would not give me a bad deal. I spent a lot of time investing in hope. Hope of being lucky, hope of being picked by my husband, hope of not getting sick, hope of having a successful marriage. But, when you are rolling around in that bad deal, thinking hope never showed up the way you thought it would, or hope forgot you, with nothing but that pain day after day, there is motivation to see things differently to ease the suffering. I have been endlessly lucky in that my mentors and teachers lovingly speak this language; there are no mistakes. Ever. Life is the love. And whatever diagnosis, foreclosure, failed relationship, it is all the same; to get us into our loving. So I can trust fully and completely the right now for me is a treasure beyond treasures, it is the song the universe is singing to each of us, calling us to remember we are the pot of gold. You, me, us, it is already there. The blessings already are. The house is gone, the husband is gone, the status is gone, the old way is gone. A perfectly designed recipe. Like the recipe to end all recipes. The one that keeps on giving to all of us equally, we just have to choose it. Today my house is being auctioned. The bank refused the short sale offer. In the past this would be a failure, a disaster, a shortcoming of some sort. But I write this knowing that today is a day that holds wonder, love, forgiveness, holiness, and the perfect way for me. My perfect recipe.
I made edamame hummus frankly because I ran out of potato chips. Kettle brand, salt and vinegar. I keep them on hand these days. Do you ever let out that big deep sigh when you look in the bag and there are only about 2 whole ones left along with the crumbs and that just isn't enough? And you want to yell at someone? Since I was the last one to dig into the bag, I had to laugh. NO POTATO CHIPS ON THIS DAY?? This is the kind of day potato chips are made for!!! The type of day that requires comfort food. Quick releasing carbohydrates that only potatoes can provide of course. I ran out of chocolate yesterday, so options are slim. But, I bought frozen organic edamame the other day and knew this hummus would be nice with toasted sourdough. So, here you go. And the secret ingredient? Lemons. I actually feel weird by how often I use lemons in my recipes. If you get sick of the lemons I seem to endlessly add, drop me a line. I used meyer lemon but a regular juicy lemon will do. But, buy two just in case the first one is lacking enough juice. You want at least 1 tablespoon if not more. And if you happen to be eating potato chips this day, eat one for me.

Edamame Hummus

1 pkg. frozen, organic edamame cooked
2 Tbls. great quality organic olive oil
1 Tbls. toasted sesame seed oil
2 tsp. tamari or soy sauce or shoyu
zest of lemon
1 Tlbs lemon juice
2 Tbls of the leftover edamame cooking liquid

Cook Edamame in pot of boiling water with a pinch of salt added for 4 minutes. Drain and add to food processor with all the above ingredients. Blend, occasionally scraping down the sides until very smooth; about 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I never tire of lemons, more lemonade ;)

Loving the soul food!!!

Anonymous said...

this day, so challenging for us both.
i look forward to being back in the arms of your nurturning food and nurturing self.
this post was very healing for me to read on a day like today, one of the most surreal i have ever had.
i love you friend.

Ashley said...

Here here to the healing power of potato chips! (And chocolate.)

Jessica said...

Thank Ashley. A couple of bag of salt and vinegar potato chips under my belt these last few weeks...


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