Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coconut Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Tapioca pudding might be in my top 5 favorite desserts. It is on the heavy side though. Lots of carbohydrates from the tapioca starch. Then I discovered chia seeds. And a new kind of tapioca was born! I started loving chia seeds from drinking them in Kombucha. I became a fan and loved how full chia seeds made me feel. They have digestible omega 3 fatty acids, which are bio-available whole unlike flax seeds which need to be ground. Plus, chia seeds have a higher omega 6:3 ratio then flax seeds. So, this past weekend I made a new and improved dessert. The hardest part of making this pudding was not eating it all in one day.

Coconut Blueberry Chia Pudding:
makes 4 servings

1 can bpa-free and organic coconut milk (I used full fat and Native Forest Organic is bpa-free)
3/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup maple syrup
pinch salt
2 cups fresh blueberries

Heat 3/4 cup water and pour over chia seeds in a glass bowl. Let sit for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to get lumps out. The chia seeds will create a gel.
Add coconut milk, salt and maple syrup. Mix well and chill for 2 hours.
Top with blueberries!
The chia seeds will firm up a bit while chilling.


Sara said...

This looks amazing Jessica!

Becky said...


I have seen the seeds in GT's Kombucha but I wasn't sure how you would drink it! Where do you get chia seeds? I would love to try this for the kids. Do you think it would be ok with the raw milk rather than coconut milk, or is that an integral part of the flavor?


Jessica said...

You could use whole milk...maybe add some vanilla bean to add flavor? Make sure to use the whole raw milk though. Or you could make your own almond milk and use that. You should be able to get chia seeds at whole foods or a natural health food store. I don't think the coconut is an integral part of the flavor..but does add a super creamy component. If you use the raw milk just try to scoop as much of the raw cream from the top of the jar xxxxooo

Georgie said...

Hi Jessica, I'm so happy that David over @ Cheese & Cheers wrote such a lovely post about us. Flattered to be in such good company! Lovely recipe love and look forward to reading more of you post.

Jessica said...

Hi Georgie!
I love your blog btw..drooling. I always find baking somewhat intimidating but you make it look easy.

chia seeds said...

nice blog.............


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